Is Waist Training Safe?

Waist training! It's been around forever but its seen a recent revival in popularity. Thanks to celebrities and influencers like Ms. Kim K, pictured above in this famous mirror selfie. Along with an increase in popularity, these celebrity endorsements have welcomed a flood of questions and concerns about the health and safety of waist training. 

You’ll find plenty of critics who talk about how dangerous wearing a waist trainer can be, but the truth is that when used carefully and sensibly, they are no more dangerous or ridiculous than the stiletto heel — a fashionable tool for accentuating a classically feminine figure.

The key here is what we call "safe and sane" waist training. It goes a little something like this: Is your waist training causing you pain? If the answer is a resounding “YES!”, then loosen the darn thing or take it off completely! When cinched properly, it should feel like it’s giving you a tight hug.

The common criticisms of waist training, including bruised ribs, acid reflux, shallow breathing and back pain, are most often the result of taking waist training to the extreme, tightening too far too early, or wearing a garment that is sized incorrectly.

It’s equally important to note that neither is waist training a magical way to lose weight, as some claim. Wearing a waist trainer can help reduce your appetite at meal times, but they don’t melt fat. They simply redistribute it. If you want to lose weight, exercise and eat your vegetables!

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